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0neView for SharePoint

by Concentra

Concentra’s custom developed software 0neView extends the information sharing capabilities of SharePoint. It allows users to share information held in document libraries, lists and other information repositories (web parts) across multiple SharePoint sites
and areas. Information can be shared across departments or projects automatically and in real time.

What does it do?

0neView can reside in any area within your SharePoint application to call information from any other area or site within the system. This is particularly useful where you have cross departmental or functional information such as a document library or a list that you want stored in an easily accessed workspace. Security is managed by the original authors who still retain control of the information, with all other users having access to it as defined by the author.

Reduce Costs:

- Less need to search for important documents and emails
- Decreased storage, retrieval and back-up costs
- Avoidance of costs associated with content duplication

Increase Productivity:

- Improved decision-making through access to accurate information
- Collaboration fostered between co-workers through information sharing between departments

An example of how your organisation can benefit from 0neView:

The marketing department wants to make some of their assets available to the sales team, such as graphics or customer references, without users needing to visit the marketing workspace. The sales site administrator selects the information that is of interest and places ‘aliases’, or shortcuts on the sales workspace - and the sales team is able to instantly share important documents, work on them and use version control. Content can be pulled from any part of your portal or SharePoint site to any other area or site and made visible to all authorised users.

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