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Asset Intelligence


The Scaleable Fixed Asset Management Solution

Whatever you need, whether it's a simple and reliable asset register or a powerful management tool to control and maintain your asset base world-wide throughout the asset lifecycle, you'll find Asset Intelligence is up to the job.

Asset Intelligence is designed to be completely scaleable. We have cost-effective solutions for every type of user - from those replacing their spreadsheet for the first time to those with complex capital management requirements. For example, the system
provides for all the requirements of the NHS Capital Accounting Manual, including the NHS format balance sheet statement for fixed assets.

The complete Fixed Asset Management solution

Developed by FMIS, Asset Intelligence is a leading solution for comprehensive fixed asset management and accounting. Available on multiple platforms, including AS/400, Unix and Windows, modules include Fixed Assets, Barcoding, Capital Projects, Plant Maintenance
and Fleet Management.

The Asset Intelligence solution is successfully installed in a broad range of organisations and is the solution of choice for those demanding accurate, flexible and comprehensive management of assets.

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