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CCT - NHS uses business intelligence in the fight with cancer

by Concentra

As part of the new Cancer Reform Strategy (December 2007), a special piece of software with a Web-based front end linked to a database of best practice has been developed. Built on Microsoft.Net and written in the T-SQL programming language on top of a Microsoft
SQL Server 2005 database. The web application runs under Windows 2003 Server with Internet Information Services 6.0.One of the key features of the CCT is that the toolkit is designed around the patient’s pathway or journey through treatment. That means that,
at a glance, managers can get an overview of cancer services for that stage of the patient journey. Another valuable  function is the ‘dashboard’, which allows an at-a-glance view of performance at either a Health Authority, Network or PCT level, as well as
by as treatment type, patient age and patient journey. The CCT provides the NHS’ cancer specialists with more tools to fight cancer by improving their decision-making abilities and bringing together commissioning expertise through the guidance contained in
the Toolkit. It will also enable those high-performing organisations to be highlighted, supporting the sharing of best practice nationally.

To date, there are over 1,300 NHS staff and pharmaceutical companies using the Toolkit, with more to follow. It is intended that the toolkit will ultimately be made available to the general public. It also contributes to greater NHS efficiency, as it allows
important activities like checking costs of new medicines to be done just once, which also means greater consistency across the country. The system was launched at the end of 2008.


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