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Cobweb Email Archival

by Cobweb Solutions Ltd

Providing cost effective email storage solution with seamless integrated email experience, with money-back Service Level Agreement, 24*7 support.  Assurances that email managed by a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an ISO9001 and ISO27001 organisation.  Our solutions are hosted in an ISO27001 accredited data centre located in Docklands, London, UK.
Journal Archiving - Centralised storage of emails through organisation’s domain names. Ensures compliance with corporate governance requirements and turns email to powerful knowledge management solution.
Seamless Retrieval - Integration between Archive Store and Exchange Mailbox. View contents of archived emails in preview pane and retrieve original email with single click.
Archive Searching - Search through emails within Archive Store. Nominated Archive Administrators are authorised to perform audited Cross-Archive searches.
Security and Reliability by Design - Data security and reliability built into service architecture, service management and delivery processes, compliant with Cobweb’s ISO27001 accreditation, assuring data security and privacy.  Support for mobile devices users of Windows Mobile and BlackBerry enterprise, able to see the full text of archived emails in mobile device as normal.  
SERVICE OPTIONS: Two core service options, both use Archive Storage.
Extended Mailbox - Organisations can purchase and store unlimited amount of email data in Archive Store. Standard Mailbox Archive Policy provided with service, determining when messages are archived and stubbed. Optional extra for this service is Cross Archive Search, provides Archive Administrators capability to perform auditable searches across entire Archive Store. Purchase storage in 1GB blocks. 
Journal Mailbox - Functionality where industry, commercial or regulatory requirements dictate long term retention of email; by ensuring copy of emails sent and received by an organisation are stored in tamper proof archive for specific time. Storage management benefits provided by Extended Mailbox service included as standard in the Journal Mailbox service (if enabled). Purchase storage in 1GB blocks.

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