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Cobweb Solutions Ltd

Cobweb PC Backup

by Cobweb Solutions Ltd

Cobweb PC Backup is a secure, automated backup service that intelligently backs up any important data to a fully managed, ISO accredited Tier 3+ UK data centre. The service can create a backup of the data on all your desktop PCs and laptops irrespective of their location.

Cobweb PC Backup provides software that is easy to deploy and simple to use. The management of the service is streamlined via the intuitive “Cobweb Control Panel” self-care administration portal.

By making use of intelligent file selection, important files are automatically protected. Built-in version control is provided and allows documents to be restored to the state in which they were saved.

Features & Functionaility:

- Microsoft Operating System compatibility, XP, Vista, Windows 7
- Apple MAC OS-X compatible
- Secure encryption of data (128-bit/256-bit AES)
- Each user is issued with a secure encryption key to ensure 100% security of data on devices. The encryption key is only known by the end-user, so nobody but the end-user can open the backup data on the backup server
- Automatic scheduling of backups
- Backup of open files
- Quick recovery of lost files
- Single file restore
- Automatic file versioning
- System state backup
- Initial data upload is chargeable
- The backup process is done via the Internet to our ISO27001 accredited Tier 3+ UK data centre.

The service operates in a fully automated way, offers unrivaled ease of management and supports various operating systems.

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