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Creating Construction Industry Solutions for CRM

by KMS Software

Project-CRM Toolkit: Construction Industry Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Enterprise CRM solution based upon Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A comprehensive CRM toolkit geared towards project-driven organisations, as well as organisations focusing on customers and customer service.

Building on 20+ years CRM experience in Project-focused markets, KMS have produced Project-CRM. Building on the strength and versatility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, along with the power and security of .NET architecture, KMS have developed an innovative Construction industry solution to create a new breed of CRM system.

The Project-CRM Toolkit is an enterprise-wide solution catering for differing needs of users. Choosing between either the familiar Outlook interface or a simple but comprehensive zero-weight Web client, even hand held or mobile users now have access to their centralised data.

Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the Project-CRM Toolkit to send and manage email, store business contacts and manage appointments, update project information and keep track of your sales pipeline, all without swapping applications.

KMS Project-base: Windows-based Construction Industry CRM Solution

Project-base is a complete sales & marketing IT solution, used by Construction organisations seeking to release the power of their Sales teams and increase competitive edge. Built around projects, it ensures complete control at every stage of the lengthy & complex sales cycle. From initial lead to secured contract, the whole team has accurate, up-to-date information on key decision makers and project influencers. Project data from any of the major suppliers (i.e. ABI, Glenigan, Newmarket CIS etc) can be imported direct and shared across all sales areas.

With the emphasis on ‘sharing’ and ‘pinning together’, Project-base allows Sales and Marketing teams to work as one unit producing positive results. Activities are automated to your requirements thus ensuring valuable opportunities and leads are never again ‘lost’.

By allowing Marketing and After-Sales teams access to invaluable sales and project information, the sales cycle is completed. Detailed analysis and reporting on all sales & marketing activity/performance ensures continual improvement and increased success.

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