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The CRM Business

CRM for IT and Telecoms

by The CRM Business

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online provides powerful, integrated solutions for IT and Telecom businesses to boost customer satisfaction, increase sales performance and improve marketing effectiveness.

Customer Service:
- Streamlined case management
- Full interaction history
- Service scheduling
- Purchase history
- Service goal management

Sales Performance:
- Lead to cash visibility
- Intelligent lead management
- More effective selling

Marketing Effectiveness:
- Pinpoint segmentation
- Quick campaigns

CRM 2011 is a very customisable system that we can adapt to meet your specific requirements. The CRM Business has a great deal of experience with deploying CRM in the IT and telecoms sectors, and can also provide a template solution that includes:

- Comprehensive Customer Asset Management add-on solution
- CRM Time Tracker solution for more accurate case and resource management
- Project management solution for coordinating and monitoring
provisioning processes
- Integration with Telecoms billing platforms such as ebills and Eclipse
- Integration with complex Telecoms provisioning platforms
- Supplier relationship management and flexible process guidance based upon user-defined rules and criteria
- Customised Case Management with automated SLA monitoring and reporting

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