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Ecommerce website solutions

by Concentra

Delivering a truly simple, self-service web experience for customers was at the heart of the project. This is being delivered through a range of attractive features and functions. first collects all the details of when and where passengers wish
to travel in order to immediately generate a customized itinerary to meet their requirements. But – unusually for such an online service – it has extra functionality, such as advising passengers of the optimal time to travel given their location and flight
details. And the site’s suggested pick-up times are 100% based on passenger’s specific flight, check in requirements at the airport and drive time from their specified pick up location.

Clearly, a lot of information has to be processed quickly and accurately in order to suggest the ideal pick up time – and the system links check-in needs with live information from airport systems. Microsoft’s leading-edge ASP.NET AJAX technologies, which feature
a more interactive user interface and faster performance than traditional browser-based applications, are a key component in the architecture. Meanwhile, user testing was critical in making the booking process as simple and easy to use as possible.
Finally, the website takes advantage of Web services technology to integrate with Dot2Dot’s state of the art reservation and dispatch systems.

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Screenshot 1 out of 1