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Internet Portal for Financial Advisors (IPFA)

by ICS Solutions Ltd

The IPFA launch for a Financial Services organisation replaced a number of existing solutions and integrated with a number of existing applications and back-end databases and systems. The main purpose for introducing this Portal was to deliver an increased range of services to their IFA network, whilst also rationalizsng the content. In addition, the solution allows the entire financial product process to be undertaken drom start to finish by the IFAs, without any direct intervention, making the IPFA the “the one place to do business" for the IFAs.

The IPFA is designed to making it easier to buy and sell complex financial products and services. In order to manage financial communication and data management processes, ICS recognised that it needed a complete back-end architecture and easy-to-use portal application to underpin the entire sales process and provide advisors, customers and managers with access to all core services and key information.

The IPFA is now the main point of access for some 2,500 financial advisors and 350 support centre employees. Advisors can log onto the web site and access accurate documentation provided and maintained by the internal communications team. A secure messaging system also helps financial advisors and product providers exchange new business and client information via a BizTalk message hub. Previously, this was a time-consuming paper-based process with important documents being sent by post. If errors were found, the documents had to be posted back – a process that could take a number of days. Using the online system, these changes can now be made in minutes.

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