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ICS Solutions Ltd

Internet Portal for Financial Advisors (IPFA)

by ICS Solutions Ltd
ICS Solutions Ltd

ICS Solutions Ltd

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ICS Solutions are one of the leading UK Gold Partners, with outstanding expertise in SharePoint, Office 365 and Windows Azure. Known as the ‘Microsoft Gurus’, ICS Solutions traditionally invest early in the lifecycle of Microsoft technologies to build expertise ahead of the market. This practice places ICS Solutions in an ideal position to provide companies with indisputable advice and guidance around the implementation of Microsoft solutions, especially for new solutions such as Office 365. They work closely to over 400 customers, in projects focused around Portals and Collaboration, Digital Marketing, Application Integration, Business Intelligence, Content Management and Web Development.

ICS Solutions have a team of highly qualified professionals, ready to take full ownership of your projects or work collaboratively, by augmenting your IT resources. ICS Solutions also offer a technical resources pool of 2,300+ vetted Microsoft experts, the DreamTeam. This alternative is useful if you need the help of qualified professionals but prefer to retain full control over your projects.

Cloud and Office 365: ICS Solutions have become one of Microsoft’s most prolific Cloud Partners. They were early adopters of the Office 365 technology and engaged in a number of pilot projects for our customers during the beta. They currently have over 100 companies trialling Office 365, and over 30 Microsoft Online customers. They also had over 3,900 customers signing up to the unique ‘Dip into Windows Azure’ trial platform. Through their seminar events, ICS Solutions have educated over 1,800 people around BPOS, Office 365 and Azure technologies.
SharePoint: ICS Solutions are the UK’s leading Microsoft SharePoint Partner, with experience on over 270 SharePoint projects, and access to 750+ SharePoint specialists, the largest pool in the UK. ICS Solutions developed one of the world's first commercial SharePoint 2010 websites and helped over 1,800 customers evaluate SharePoint 2010 through a cloud-based 'Dip into SharePoint’ Program.

ICS Solutions are one of the first new elite Gold partners in the UK and have been a Microsoft Gold Partner for over 17 years. They were one of the 1st UK Partners to fully embrace Microsoft’s Cloud offerings and have invested heavily in the Cloud, setting up dedicated Cloud practices from 2009. ICS Solutions offer free educational seminars and workshops, when customers have the opportunity to learn more about and discuss Microsoft technologies