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qantif® is a web-based benefits tracking solution. It governs the benefits tracking process, increases visibility and increases confidence in the delivery of a successful programme. Delivered as a single portal, qantif® is rapidly delivered and straightforward
to use.Key benefits include:

- Stronger governance around the benefits tracking process

- Reduction in non-value adding activity (chasing updates / reworking reports / data validation)

- Increased confidence in the accuracy of data 

- Time saving – customised reports available on demand 

- Straightforward to use and configured to match your organisational structure and reporting needs in a matter of weeks

qantif® supports any scale of programme(s) by:

- Providing senior management with concrete evidence that results have been achieved within the established timeframes

- Allowing finance to reconcile benefits delivered against underlying organisation's performance at a P/L level

- Alerting stakeholders about potential benefits shortfalls including implementation, cost and timing issues

- Enabling the programme management office to efficiently track and chart benefit delivery across multiple initiatives


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