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Secure Offsite Backup Solution

by NCI Technologies Ltd

Do you currently have no backup or are not sure whether your tapes are being taken offsite or put into a fireproof safe? Are you certain the data you are backing up is recoverable? NCI have a solution for you. We simply install a licence file on your server or PC and sit back and monitor. Backup sets are configured to run unattended during out of office hours. The backup client maintains a log of backups that have taken place and any files skipped. These logs can then be e-mailed to a nominated person and allow you (and NCI) to keep track of all backup jobs scheduled. While encrypting your backup files, obscuring filenames and password protecting your data, other built-in safeguards keep the Data Repository safe.

The backup software uses the Blowfish algorithm to encrypt backup data at the Client before sending it over the internet to the Data Repository. This protects your data from "line sniffers" - hackers who use tools to listen and watch network activity. NCI's Offsite Backup solution is a client/server backup solution that contains two components: the Data Repository software (residing on our servers) and the Client software (installed onto your servers). The Data Repository manages the Backup Clients and stores their backup data. Recovery is fast and simple, you watch the files re-appear before your eyes.

NCI Technologies are a Microsoft Gold Partner who have been selected as a finalist in the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Awards 2006 for their solutions. Be safe, be secure, work with a Microsoft Gold Partner.

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