SharePoint based Website Content Management Solution

by Concentra

Concentra's website content management solution helps organisations manage website content using Microsoft SharePoint. Non-technical users are able to manage content areas such as news, events and any other information that can be held in lists. The solution uses web services to transfer information between SharePoint and your website. The advantages of our solution are: Easy to use - Non-technical staff are able to control content Low cost - No requirement to purchase a fully functional content management system for your web site when you only need to manage frequently changing areas of your website Quick to implement - Concentra provide the solution to non SharePoint users in a hosted environment or as part of a SharePoint implementation "After seeing the product (SharePoint), we immediately saw how it could create efficiencies in both time and costs. Furthermore, Concentra understood our requirements from the outset and were quickly able to offer a product befitting our internal production and approval processes.", explains Richard Samuel, Marketing Partner at Watts and Partners.

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