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Charteris plc

Single Assessment for Older People

by Charteris plc

Solution Information

Health and social care solution for the Single Assessment Process for Older People.
A solution that meets the requirements of the national service framework for Older People’s services in provision of a joined up IT solution to record health and social care information on their service users and patients.

Business Issue the Solution Addresses

The NSF for Older People sets national standards and models of care across health and social services for all older people whether they live at home, in residential care or are being cared for in hospital. Standard 2 of the framework identifies the need to ensure they are supported by integrated services with a well co-ordinated, coherent approach to assessing their needs and circumstances.
Implementing the requirements of the Single Assessment Process is a significant modernisation project and has far reaching implications for a wide range of professionals from nurses, to social workers and other health professionals.
Our solution deploys the Corelogic Framework application in a SQL Server 2000 environment, allowing caseworkers to rapidly capture and record data.
The solution helps professionals make better informed judgements about individual patients’ treatment, whilst monitoring how they are performing against set targets to help raise operational and efficiency standards.
The application, SQL Server and Windows 2000 server flexibility allows authorised users to access data from any computer within health or social services, providing case workers with the ability to work much more flexibly.
In addition the solution consolidates a myriad of information previously held in disparate systems, producing the additional benefit of allowing much improved local and national reporting via Reporting Services and Access 2000 Projects.
Value of the Solution to Customers

-aids Nurses and Intermediate Care staff to obtain a holistic view of a patient’s information, assess other involved professionals contribution to care and obtain overall care package information.
-allows assessment and care planning information to be shared between the two agencies in an electronic format for the first time, allowing social and health care staff to add to assessments and case notes, without having to duplicate the recording of basic details.
-easy to use and intuitive, and welcome access to timely, quality information.
-allows all staff involved in care for the individual to have the accurate information in one source, supporting effective and efficient decision making.
-underpins one of only 4 joint working partnerships using a fully integrated Single Assessment solution in London.

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