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Deltascheme Limited

Swift Site Creator for SharePoint Online (Office 365)

by Deltascheme Limited

Deltascheme SharePoint Site Creator for SharePoint Online gives you a SharePoint list that, when you create an item on it, it creates a SharePoint site.

Now avaialble as a solution for SharePoint online Office 365!

You can use this list to capture metadata (which can be used within the site), and to find relevant sites using ordinary list filtering and views. You can use this to create a site for each of your cases, projects, complaints, requests, orders and anything where you want a number of similar sites with metadata.

It is now possible therefore to store other information relevant to:

- Project sites (e.g. Location, or Manager)
- Case sites (e.g. Case Number, Type, Case Status)
- Product sites (e.g. Type, Owner, Cost)
- Complaint sites (e.g. Complainant, Description, Handler, Status)

As the Site’s metadata is being captured on a List, you can store metadata for your site using any of SharePoint’s field types. The Site Creator should also work with most custom field types.


- Use your own Site Templates.
- Control how users create site collections or sites in a particular part of SharePoint.
- It is easy to define how sites are created using templates and automatically applying permissions against sites.
- It can automatically apply simple permissions.
- Lets you manage large numbers of Sites or Site
- Collections in a list, like a ‘Site Directory’
- A Summary Web Part can be built into your Site Template to display information about the site within it

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