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Annata Dynamics IDMS

by Annata


Annata is an international management consulting and technology services company. With the combination of deep industry experience and comprehensive capabilities within chosen technology areas, Annata works closely with customers and partners around the world to help them become high-performance businesses.

Annata‘s strategy builds on our expertise in consulting and technology. Adding that to our industry knowledge and the industry specific solutions offering, we help business around the world to undertake high-impact business improvement projects.

Through industry focus and relentless determination to deliver world class technology solutions we have gained trusted status with many of the worlds best known companies. Locally we have earned the trust of businesses of all sizes in many industries. Annata enjoys strategic partnerships with local, regional and global partners who have embraced our technology solutions and created new business opportunities, earning them a preferred status on their own.

Annata provides solutions, implementation, training and consultation in relation to Microsoft Dynamics AX and Cognos Business Intelligence directly through our own operations and indirectly through partners in most corners of the world.

Our solutions aim to help managers and workers alike to create a competitive edge by providing easy access to company data, information that may be used to take well-informed decisions.

Annata´s "vertical" solutions:

Annata Dynamics IDMS
Annata Analytics
Annata ESF

Annata´s "horizontal" solutions:

Technical Platform & Business Platform (Microsoft Dynamics AX)
Microsoft Business Intelligence