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Rathmann d.o.o

Rathmann d.o.o

Rathmann expertise is development and production of integrated, process-oriented business information system which comprises all the elements needed for successful information and business management.
The system comprises an array of ready-made solutions which, by using a methodological approach, adapt to the work organization of various industries and businesses.

Business branches covered by our system are:
- Finance and Accounting
- e-Banking
- Personnel Records and Human Resources
- Procurement and Warehouse Management
- Payroll
- Fixed Assets and Inventory
- Planning, Analysis and Operational Reports
- Registry and Document Processing
- Other business processes

During implementation and production we offer consulting services that help integrate our software deep into our clients business model.

Our system helps middle and high management fast insight into all elements needed for daily decision making through business intelligence, online services and reporting.

Benefits of using our system are:
- Work optimization
- Central data processing
- Operational control
- Timely reporting
- Increased customer responsiveness