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Integrirani bolnički informacijski sustav (IBIS)

by IN2 d.o.o.

IBIS is a complete solution for the informatization of hospital work which provides support in all aspects of hospital operations: medical (managing medical documentation), economical (e.g. invoicing of medical services) and business (managing business records, standard ERP functionalities). Its basic characteristic is that it represents: „System designed by the experience of the physicians, for the physicians". System is implemented in 70% of the capacity of hospitals in Croatia, from large hospital centers to small specialized hospitals. IBIS has been continuously improved for more than 20 years upon the customer's requirements and legal regulations in Croatia.
IBIS provides IT support for all primary hospital processes:
1. Managing patient's data– applications for administrating general information about patient and for keeping track of patient's status in hospital
2. Support in medical treatment – applications for managing patient's medical documentation
3. Financial calculation of hospital services – applications for calculation of hospital services and overview of hospital business operations
4. Support for standard ERP processes – as any other company, hospitals have their operational business part (e.g. orders, purchases, warehouses, bookkeeping…)
IBIS integrates following applications (modules):
1. BIS (Hospital Information System) combines everything that involves informatization of a hospital. It quickly connects data from various hospital sources, as well as creates short term and long term plans for further diagnostics and therapy. Innovative combination of software, services and technology provides effective supervision and optimal use of hospital resources. BIS primarily represents a solution that puts medical service on a higher level, but also provides business support for processes like: calculation of services, overview on finances and management of institution.
2. PIS is a software package that supports all administrative aspects of hospital work such as: invoicing, receipt of goods and creating financial reports (as standard ERP solutions).
3. HR (Human Resources) – is a solution that keeps the record about all employees and other persons (e.g. student jobs, part-time jobs, temporary employment, contingent workers…).
4. BI module is a system for business intelligence which primer function is business decisions support in hospitals.
5. BioNet LIS is specialized IS for informatization of medical-biochemical laboratori

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