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NovoDoba Core Banking System

by ABBA D.O.O.


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Phone: +385 (031) 215060
Fax: +385 (031) 215061

ABBA's company policy is to provide IT support for financial services at highest level. It is something we do for Banks and financial institutions where profit, security and reliability are primary goals.

Our products can improve business in any Bank, financial institution or company anywhere in the world. We always create highly flexible systems that cut costs, and deliver benefits to users. Common virtues of our products are speed, reliability and security, and the efficiency of our products is one of the most important goals for ABBA. In the further development we intend to continue to follow global trends and technology to develop sophisticated software solutions, and use our vast banking experience that we have within the company, where we employ the experts who were members of the Bank Supervisory Board, heads of branches, directors of Banks IT Departments...

ABBA has ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality management system which guarantees excellent internal organization, necessary for developing the most advanced software.

ABBA successfully cooperates with a significant number of external experts in the field of banking and IT technology as it always wants to be a "step ahead". In the development, maintenance and delivery of IT solutions and services ABBA is always using best practice standards that allow open communication to customers, followed by the idea of responsibility and professionalism, and in compliance with laws and regulations to ensure the confidentiality of the banking information.

ABBA products are highly sophisticated applications that are always delivered on time, with very competitive prices.

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