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Sea vessel registry

by Infodom d.o.o
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    SQL Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012
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Sea vessel registry is made for Ministry Of Sea in Croatia. It is .NET web application made to resolve problems with registration, technical legalization and ownership of ships. Application is made in .NET, SQL Server and Sharepoint.

The system allows:
- ship registration
- technical review
- issue of vessels navigational license
- certificate of techincal validity of vessel
- ownership details
- connection to central tax system

Benefits of this system include:
- one registry of all ships in Croatia
- vessel model and price tracking
- 24/7 online ship registration requests
- tax review with central tax system

This system is active in Ministry of Sea and can be modified for any vessel registry system that is in compilance to Croatian/EU law for sea vessel tracking and registration.

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