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TeamCompanion is a first class Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) client within Office Outlook. In addition to the standard TFS client features, TeamCompanion leverages Outlook features providing unique capabilities that lead to better collaboration and communication among project stakeholders.

TeamCompanion & Outlook
One of the most popular e-mail clients today is Microsoft Outlook. TeamCompanion extends it and
lets all project stakeholders (particularly business ones) take part in software development project
using their favorite e-mail management tool. TeamCompanion combines Outlook artifacts such as email,
appointment or reminder with TFS artifacts like work items, work item queries, reports or

Common TeamCompanion usage scenarios include:
-Create an e-mail from a work item including all work item attachments
-Create a work item from an e-mail including all e-mail attachments
-Work with work items in offline mode: access, edit, group and search work items
-Use fulltext search or advanced search techniques to find work items
-Immediately access important project information using preconfigured reports
-Plan your sprints and prioritize project and sprint backlog using drag and drop
-Track project progress using scheduled work item queries

TeamCompanion key features include:
-Support for TFS 2010 and Outlook 2010
-Agile Project Management Features*
-Work with multiple TFS instances and multiple Team projects
-Work Item Management
-SharePoint integration (documents, project portal)
-SQL Server reports and Work Item query reports in Excel
-Scheduled Work Item queries
-Integration with Excel and Project

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