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Sarana Solusindo Informatika

Application Lifecycle Management

by Sarana Solusindo Informatika

Build efficiency, cost savings and quality by integrating application lifecycle management (ALM) tools and processes into your project development and operations.

You can extend your cross-team development by adopting proven tools and processes. Put all of your interconnected artifacts, from design documents to code and test cases in one place where everyone working on your project can access them. It is these end-to-end ALM tools and process that will prevent various pieces of your development projects from being trapped in siloed environments.

Make your project transitions seamless with all of your tools and information in one place. That way you can see progress in real-time by viewing information such as code check-ins, test cases that are associated with
requirements, historical bug count reports, and more. From idea creation and design, to coding, testing and deployment, you can increase productivity and reduce costs while bringing your projects to market faster.

This application is offerred in Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server

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