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Consumer Finance and Leasing Solution (CONFINS)

by Advance Innovations (PT Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi)

CONFINS is an end-to-end enterprise solution for financing or lease business. It's designed to support company daily operation and management decision making activities. CONFINS is built using Driven Technology, to enable users know exactly what their daily activities and provides information that ease users in accomplish their tasks. We are proud to say that our information has increased user’s performance effectively.

Our secured solution integrates multiple units and departments in efficient way. Using multi level approval engine, all approvals is online, controlled and monitored. While parameterized system gives room to company to make changes with minor or minimum vendor’s dependency. There are still many features that comprehensively arranged to support the complex business.

Our teams expert on both side, in technical and in the business very well. Years of experiences in this area brought tremendous advantages to our solution. In technical, we continuously upgrade our solution following the newest technology that add-ons our services to customers. We keep challenging ourselves to grab new innovations and adopt as many as possible new business changes to ensure our customers have chosen the best solution in market.

We are proudly claiming that CONFINS to be the first and only solution that pass Veritest certification in Indonesia. (Veritest is an independent verification company that specialized in Microsoft technology)

Some of benefits for Customers from using our product: (1) Integrated system – accurate and immediate information across company; (2) Improved ROI - no need to invest servers in each branch; (3) Lower Turning curve – implemented comprehensive solution in reasonable period of time.

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