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Technosoft Consulting

Dealer and Distribution Management

by Technosoft Consulting

Technosoft Dealer Management System (DMS) is business management software designed specifically for automotive dealership. It delivers extensive functionalities that cover the end-to-end dealers' operations from vehicle sales to workshop activities. Developed based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Technosoft DMS adopts the flexibility and ease of use of Microsoft technology with advance workflow and powerful reporting capabilities. Since it runs on a standard web browser over the internet, Technosoft DMS is an ideal solution for dealers with multiple locations and a mobile workforce

Integrated CRM functionality providing 360° view of Customer
One of the fundamental challenges in the auto industry is the inability to consolidate customer touch points such as vehicle purchase, workshop/service orders, warranty information, finance and insurance information, customer service interaction into a single customer-centric view. Adopting the user experience from Dynamics CRM, Technosoft DMS gives capability to users to manage detail customer information, view and navigate to related vehicle sales order histories, service histories, parts purchased histories, warranty information, campaign programs and retention cost within the customer screen. This provides 360° customer-centric view with integrated CRM functionalities.

Technosoft DMS is a multi-tenant application allowing you to defind multiple dealers/branches within a single database. It provides facility to centrally manage vehicle inventory in different location/showroom and automatically generates intercompany transactions in the financial system. The user access and security control can be defined based on roles-based within the organization structure.

Web-based Architecture
Developed on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Technosoft DMS does not require client software installation and maintenance. It is suitable for dealers with multiple branches and distributed users. Branch level sensitive data can be managed with role based security with record level access.

User Friendly & Flexible Architecture
Technosoft DMS adopts Dynamics CRM user friendly look & feel and input/process paradigm. The system is customizable using Dynamics CRM Drag & Drop Customization module and Software Development Toolkit.

Mobile Access

You can provide employees with access to Technosoft DMS through a Web browser on a mobile device with Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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