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CareMonX ePCR Suite is a comprehensive electronic patient care reporting system especially developed for
the demanding requirements of modern pre-hospital emergency care. Designed in active collaboration with pre-hospital practitioners and ambulance service regulators internationally, its features and functionality reflect expert input from across the EMS spectrum.

Principal Features

- Intuitive User Friendly Design
- Multiple Datasets
- Real Time Data Transfer
- Emergency Department Display
- Smart Wizards & Scoring Tools
- Treatment and Medication Protocols
- Reporting Tools & Alerts
- Multiple Data Input Options
- Flexible Modular Design

Focused on Data

CareMonX ePCR Suite ®has been designed to optimise accurate and reliable data capture without ompromising care delivery. The system supports real-time patient and incident data collection and transmission between ambulance control centres, mobile ambulances, in-field
paramedics and hospital emergency departments.

Extended Continuum of Care

By transmitting patient data to emergency departments, CareMonX eTriage ®extends the continuum of care by enabling emergency department staff to view the condition of inbound patients, while also enhancing triage management through optimal preparation for the ambulance's arrival.

Training Management

CareMonX ePCR Suite ®enables training managers to dynamically monitor paramedic work experience against prescribed standards. Paramedics can also be provided with secure online access to their individual in-field case/incident chronologies for training review and clinical audit.

CareMonX EMS Suite Improves:

- Responsiveness
- Golden Hour Utilization
- Clinical Outcomes
- Quality Management
- Training Management
- Work Satisfaction
- Billing and Cost Control
- Service Efficiency
- Operational Management

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