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Your business is about your customers ours is about helping you manage them.

Every business knows they needs to build great relationships with their customers and manage those relations from start to finish - it’s the very essence of business success.

Knowing it is one thing but doing it is another. This is where we can help - whether it is client acquisition, account management, customer care or marketing campaigns - we build CRM solutions that are tailored to reflect precisely how our clients need to manage their customer relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solution provides out-of the-box easy-to-use CRM software delivered over the Internet to help organizations get the bare bones of their CRM strategies up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

What we do is make sure it delivers value – fast – to your business. Our services include:-

- Hands-on, practical support - to deliver an effective trial, piloting and evaluation of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM Online solution

- Process and methodology definition – designing and defining effective customer relationship management methodologies and processes based on individual clients needs

- Process mapping and alignment – customization and configuration of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solution to align with defined CRM processes and methodologies

- Measurement and metric definition – defining the appropriate performance metrics - sales, customer care or marketing related – by which clients can measure the progress, productivity and revenue impact of customer relationship management activities

- Reporting and analytics – the design of online scorecards and business reports with built in drill downs and analytics to monitor performance

- Data cleansing and migration

- System integration and synchronisation

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