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Chemistry Structure Search

by Acuvate Software Pvt. Ltd.

About Solution

Chemistry Structure Search is a solution that helps you to use Chemistry features in SharePoint for fulfilling your Scientific needs. It manages Chemical Structure based content better with features like easy drawing and search option.

It displays and computes dynamically the various molecular properties of a chemical.

It dynamically computes and displays various molecular properties of a chemical component.

Drawing :

Embed Chemistry Structures in your Document Management System, draw chemistry structures anywhere in SharePoint
Have exclusive columns for Chemistry Structure, Define structure column in SharePoint list to host live chemical structures.
Compatible with files created by Chemdraw, ISIS Draw, Marvin etc. Upload content directly into SharePoint. Edit Chemistry on a browser and search SDF files.

Displaying :

Display texts such as SMILES.
Compound ID 's as structure images.
Dynamically compute molecule properties.
Highlight Compound ID and mouse-hover to show structure images .
Salient Features :Draw Chemical Structures.
Display Chemical Structures.
Search Chemical Structures.
Does not have dependency on any third-party software

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