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Global Operations - MFG 2.0

by Tata Consultany Services Limited

In today’s global marketplace, manufacturing organizations seek new and innovative ways to reduce operational costs, improve manufacturing processes, and remain competitive.
Today's competitive environment drive enterprises to lower manufacturing costs, hence it is critical to integrate supply chains and ensure minimal inefficiencies.

We, at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), offer our Global OPerations - MFG 2.0 Solution based on MS SharePoint, MS SQL Server BI and Datawarehouse platform. Our solution combines the Microsoft manufacturing initiative along with ERP interoperability solutions. This enables you to integrate your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and other plant systems into a single source of data, thereby optimizing your
performance and maximizing your Return On Investment (ROI).

It provide you long-term benefits such as reduced costs, increased
production and plant efficiencies, and improved customer
In addition, you gain from:
- A single version of truth and a seamless integrated platform for
manufacturing processes as well as data. This provides visibility
to planning data and resource data through a SharePoint Portal.
- Provides role based Business Intelligence: KPI, trend, analytics and exception report to improve decision timeliness and accuracy
- Enables unified operations covering Enterprise Planning and Control, Manufacturing Execution and Plant Floor Systems leading to continuous improvement and operational excellence
- Solution covers 60% - 70% of manufacturing user base
Robust integration with Microsoft platform, SAP systems and
3rd party MES systems.
- Leveraging existing infrastructure with enhanced ROI.
- More than 300 templates and data model readily available along
with configuration kit to reduce overall development and
deployment time.
- Provides robust user centric interfaces with Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 technologies which can be delivered through various channels

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