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Incentive Calculation Engine

by Acuvate Software Pvt. Ltd.
  • App Type

    On-Premises and/or Online Application
  • Business Need

    Payroll, Human Resource Management
  • Works With

    Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites Enterprise
  • Industry Focus

    Financial Services, General - Applicable to All

Incentive Application
About SolutionIncentive calculation Engine is a configuration/calculation engine for computing employees’ incentives based on their objectives and corresponding achievements. This solution significantly brings down the efforts required to compute the incentives and also increases the accuracy of the calculation.

Salient Features :
The two key components of Incentive Calculation Engines are,
Configuration Engine
This component is used for computation of targets. This component allows you to:

Defining Objectives of an employee
Map objectives to various designations
Defining Payout program at regional and designation level
Customize targets for an employee at designation or employee level
Variety of options to define ICE payout e.g. sum, count or calculations.
Calculations of targets by considering hierarchies.

Calculation Engine
This component is used for calculating actual payouts

Calculate payouts based on the payout programs.
Payout aggregation based on employee hierarchy.
Payout interval definition.
Calculated at fixed intervals, (daily, weekly, fortnightly) to increase the visibility of business done by employee
Alerts and notifications.

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