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Lead Management System for Insurance

by Tata Consultany Services Limited

Business Drivers:
-Greater customer awareness and increased competition in the insurance space has created challenges for the enterprises to keep pace with customer expectations or lose business to the competition
-Companies want to reduce the time to market for onboarding customers from prospects to policy holders.

-Agent portal for agents to login and create contacts and leads
-Lead categorization, which classifies leads as warm, hot or cold
-Automated workflows for mail notification and redistribution of leads
-Duplicate detection rule for lead creation
-Reports for lead generation, lead conversion, and lead ageing
-Customized sitemaps to restrict visibility based on the user role

-Ability to gather lead information from various sources
Automated Lead Management Process
-Automatic categorization of leads based on pre-defined parameters
-Ability for Administrator to view and assign the leads to different agents depending upon the rating of leads
-Automatic redistribution of leads to another agent if an agent is no longer active
-Agent portal, which enables agents to track the lead status and follow-up with customers on a regular basis,
thus reducing the delays in lead conversion

Technology Details :
- Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
- SQL Server 2008 R2
- .Net 3.5/3.0
- Windows Server 2008 R2

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