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TATA Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

by Tata Consultany Services Limited

TATA CTMS is a data capture tool based on CDISC standards to streamline the electronic data processing during a clinical trial. Our solution is designed on Microsoft
technologies and it makes adoption of use easy for consumers of the services and to streamline Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and processing during all the phases of clinical trials.


 TATA CTMS has many features which automate many functions of the clinical trial lifecycle. ODM standards as recommended by CDISC are supported
and the solution can easily be integrated with existing clinical trial management solutions.




-  With our solution, data discrepancies can be resolved in real time and data is available in real time to allow greater agility and better data analysis


-  Manual processes are automated so that user concentrates on the work at hand rather than the process to follow


-  Reduction in total cost for a clinical trial study


-  Information in digital format rather than paper facilitates easier audits


-  The system offers cost savings through reduced total cost of ownership


-  Existing infrastructure can be preserved


-  Back-end systems can be exposed as web services and reused to provide data or processing functionality


-   TATA CTMS provides features that enable better quality data capture by entry-level validations and hence, reduced effort required for data entry


-  The solution provides a secure environment for data capture and transfer


-  Various enterprise applications can be integrated with the solution

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