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E-Ship allows the user to plan and execute shipping from the time of the sales order through shipping manifest.

E-Ship can drive shipping accuracy to new levels. Users report that their shipping accuracy approaches 100% when using E-Ship. Not only do they know that they shipped the correct items in multiple packages, but they also know which items are in each package, and the tracking numbers for those packages.

By having E-Ship embedded in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the user experiences unprecedented functionality and unlimited access to data from inside the business system, a far different experience than having to track information through the ERP system and then various package carriers' systems to understand product and shipping information.

Key Benefits and Features:

- Captures package level detail, which allows the user greater visibility to the contents of a package and its tracking number

- Increases shipping accuracy by scanning items and comparing them to the sales order or picking document

- Shipping charges are automatically posted to the sales order and may be marked up by % or $

- Can operate multiple warehouses and shipping points from a consolidated ERP system

- For shipments orignating in the US, E-Ship supports popular package carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS, while providing companies with the ability to subscribe to SMC3 for LTL rates, or to manually create and manage rate tables

- Rate shopping is available from the sales order

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