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Unify² PowerView is a comprehensive reporting and billing solution for Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and Office Communications Server 2007 R2. It comes with a wide range of reports that track and optimize the overall Lync Server deployment, track Return on Investment, and produce billing or charge-back reports based on Lync Server usage.

PowerView 3.0 adds a wide range of new reports, including Lync adoption reports, common area phone usage, billing summary reports with drilldowns to the individual user and call detail level, carrier-billing based on carrier rates, departmental billing summaries, top user reports, user device/version usage reports and individual response-group activity reports.

Lync/OCS administrators can leverage PowerView’s drilldown reports, and a rich set of report hyperlinks to browse overall usage, view usage by department or geography, sort by total usage or costs, and then navigate to user or group reports of individual calls and conferences.

Administrators can also set up subscriptions to reports, enabling the automation of activities such as sending monthly departmental billing summaries to appropriate personnel.

PowerView is easy to install and manage, leveraging the same infrastructure as Lync Server, including SQL Server and SQL Server Reporting Services. Unify² Consulting and Engineering services can help enterprises customize existing reports or implement new reports to meet their unique requirements.

Key Features:

Scalable Data Warehouse: PowerView centralizes data from many data sources, consolidating multiple Lync/OCS CDR databases, Active Directory, even custom data sources, pulling it all into a data warehouse, simplified and optimized for reporting.

Customizable Report Drilldowns and Filters: Leverage your own terminology/organizational structure for both geographies and business structure.

Flexible Billing/Chargeback Model: Any combination of billing models to divide costs between users or departments, including flat-fee, usage-based and carrier billing.

Investment/Cost: Track the ROI on your Lync/OCS deployment.

Top User Activity Reports: Alerts administrators to patterns that may indicate unauthorized usage.

Export Data: Export data to numerous formats

Report Subscriptions: Users can subscribe to select reports and have them emailed to them or stored in a directory at selected times.

Rich Security: Administrators control which users have access to specific reports and which users can perform operations.

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