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PROCOMIX Technology Group (PTG)

Kiosk Video Conferencing solution - Virtual Banking

by PROCOMIX Technology Group (PTG)
PROCOMIX Technology Group (PTG)

PROCOMIX Technology Group (PTG)

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Phone: +961 (4) 532636
Fax: +961 (3) 598125

Core Business:
- Advisory Services
- Technology Integration
- Cloud Services
- Platform Add-on services

Competitive Edge:
- Focus on Business advantage of Infrastructure products (Virtualization)
- Focus on High Availability, Redundancy, Failover architectures
- Focus on Innovation & Automation
- Focus on Optimizing cost

Advisory Services:
- Private Cloud Services Architecture
- Datacenter Architecture
- Performance Engineering
- Migration Optimization
- ITIL compliance
- DR Architecture & Downtime Management

Technology Integration:
- Virtualization
- Unified Communication
- Datacenter management
- Identity & Access Management
- Data & Storage Management
- Collaboration management

Cloud Services:
- Lync 2013 – (Real Time Communication)
- Exchange 2010 – (Email and Collaboration)
- CRM 2011 – (Customer Relationship Management)
- SharePoint 2013 – (Portal & Document management)

At PTG, ‘mission’ is more like ‘purpose of existence’.
PTG purpose of existence is to enable businesses to take correct and planned IT design decisions, to assist in implementing practically and efficiently new technology, and to help in gaining the expertise to maintain and enhance the systems.

PROCOMIX Technology Group aims
• to be recognized as the premier trusted advisor in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING for Lebanon and the Middle East.

• to be the point of reference as INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EXPERTS in Lebanon and the Middle East.

• to use INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER as a vehicle to boost and elevate the total average professionalism rate in Lebanon and the Middle East to the next level.

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