JungleDoc - Document Automation

by EnovaPoint

JungleDoc is a Microsoft Word document automation and generation solution for SharePoint 2010, which enables users to create new documents or items with zero additional effort, as it reuses existing document content and properties and frees you from typing or copy pasting it manually when creating a new document.

JungleDoc takes properties and parts of existing document and puts them into a new one, eliminating mistakes, saving you up to 90% of time on inputting and copy pasting operations. Our template processing engine uses Open XML technology for very fast and accurate generation—lab results: 1000 documents in 53 seconds!

Key Features:
- Auto fills document with Content type properties and with data related to selected lookup list item
- Automatically converts dates to any format and numbers into words
- Automatically generates custom and unique document number
- Generates next sequence numbers of item properties
- Existing metadata and document content reuse
- Document routing or auto positioning

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