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Defiance Technologies Limited

Defiance SharePoint PLM

by Defiance Technologies Limited

Defiance SharePoint based PLM system is a comprehensive tool for manufacturing companies to automate and accelerate their product development. Our solution has fully customizable workflow management for product design and innovation. It has excellent connectors enabled for CAD tools like Solid Edge, NX and AutoCAD as well as with other MS Office products. It is available in Foundation and Enterprise versions.
- Seamless connectivity with Exchange server and MS Outlook
- Integration with CAD tools as well as other PLM products
- Completely customizable workflow engine provides real time dynamic routine with easy to use interface similar to Visio which can be associated with product information
- Scalable and Dynamic Front end Solution
- Customizable to product life cycle with flexible tool-kit oriented features
- Secure lightweight role based user access
- Global access via common web-service interface

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