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Datorzinibu Centrs AS

Electronic Health Record Information System

by Datorzinibu Centrs AS

Latvian National EHR Information System is a central data store for patient’s data, major diagnosis and discharges.
Our solution provides also set of interfaces, allowing the doctor to access patient’s data summary as well as detailed information and documents about patient’s medical manipulations. Also, these interfaces enable authorized external users to read documents and medical information summaries, contained in e-health systems.
Solution is recommended for countries or regions, planning implementation of e-health solutions.

EHR benefits:
- Allows quickly create large volumes of document models and validation components according to HL7 CDA format with no changes in countries; legislative documents.
- Fast and precise access for doctors and patients to patients’ medical history as well as to specific documents (doctor’s visits, diagnosis, vaccination data etc.). Both history and documents are provided in a well-structured manner.
- EHR helps doctors to make better and quicker decisions in the healthcare process, minimizing the number of patient’s treatment errors and time.
- EHR improves communication between patients and doctors.

Solution is designed using following technologies - HL7 and HL7 CDA, Java, MS SQL Server 2012, XML, XSLT, WCF, WS*, SOAP, MDHT, MSSQL, .NET, C#

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