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ConsultCRM is a Tier One, Gold Certified, Strategic Microsoft Partner providing customer relationship management (CRM) solutions designed to meet your business needs, drive your business success and empower your staff to make informed customer related decisions, confidently.

With Microsoft Dynamics comes a familiarity of Microsoft software that facilitates adoption and reduces any risks associated with introducing a new solution into your business. And with ConsultCRM comes a wealth of experience from our involvement with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since initial launch in the UK, and as a solution provider to many hundreds of organisations. Spanning all vertical markets, but with specialist experience in Professional Services, Manufacturing, Finance and Technology, we can offer invaluable industry knowledge and expertise that will guide you when you come to implement a CRM solution in your business.

As a Gold Certified Partner, ConsultCRM is recognised by Microsoft for our technical competence, our implementation quality and the end to end services that we can offer you. Your organisation will benefit from our vast experience in every aspect of delivering CRM solutions from initial requirements capture to data migration, systems integration, custom development and training, and of course, the very best long term relationship with us, guaranteed by our unrivalled customer support.