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Datorzinibu Centrs AS


by Datorzinibu Centrs AS is a multifunctional environment for students and their parents, teachers, school administration and the education system as a whole. It helps to realize the high-quality and modern educational process, improves the availability of digital learning content, allows teachers to work more interesting and easier, but the administration of educational institutions to manage effectively these processes.

System is accessible via Web browser, but certain functionality as electronic learning content production tool are built as standalone ClickOnce applications.

System has multi-level user access policy – anonymous users can access public portal, but dashboard-styled intranet is available to registered users. The following roles are available in the system – student, teacher, parent, school administration, headmaster, municipality workers, and ministerial workers. It is scalable from single school to nationwide application.

System includes different functional modules:
- Learning content repository
- Learning content and test production tool (HTML5 and SCORM)
- Online assessments
- Grade management
- Student, teacher and institution registers
- School admission applications
- Scholarship applications
- Timetable generator
- User profile store

System also includes capabilities for school web-site hosting and is multi-language ready.

There exists seamless Single Sign On integration with Live@Edu, providing access to e-mail, file storage and personal calendars.

System can be deployed in high availability mode, using front-end load balancing and SQL clustering. The platform is SharePoint 2010 and Fast Search server, SQL 2008, Windows 2008 Server. Typical configuration can support up to 1000 simultaneous active users, further scalability is possible.

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