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1.      To provide a central contact database by importing or data entry into the  customer/contact database with auto dedup process that identify duplicated contacts. With dedup process, no duplicated email will be sent to the same person twice. At the same time increase customer satisfaction index.

2.      To provide easy to use system to execute campaign through email, SMS or direct mail marketing campaign.

3. To allow marketing staff to flexibly indentify target audience for promotion campaign using comprehensive demographic and behavior attributes in the customer/contact database.

4.With our artificial intelligence based modeling and predicting capability, you can obtain the profiling, segmentation, and customer valuation through central contact database which contain customer information and behavior. This resulted in dramatically improve identify contacts who are more likely to respond to certain type of campaign.

5.To monitor and track campaign respond activity so as to improve contact interaction, satisfaction and campaign respond.

6.  To increase efficiency in contact relationship and marketing management  so as to increase sales of contact list and new packaging of contact list.

7. To track contacts and customers activities

8. To track contacts and customers interaction.

9. To manage the customer loyalty point and life time value so as to identify and retain loyal customer.

10. To provide business intelligent analytic reporting so that you will have a consolidated view about its campaign performance and contacts with flexible multi-dimensional online analytical processing capability.

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