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ClarusCIS (Clinical Information System) - Healthcare Solution

by Mannasoft Technology Corporation

ClarusCIS is a Clinic Information System developed to provide the tools needed to efficiently manage day to day clinic operations. ClarusCIS offers modules for patient scheduling, management of medical records including treatment history as well as laboratory and diagnostic results. The system also provides modules for billing and payments and features comprehensive reports and analysis module. A Health Care solution for Doctors and Clinics.

CLarusCIS can be access using Internet Browser from desktops or mobile devices (tablets) and can be implemented as a service or subscription to clinics or doctors.

Benefits of ClarusCIS:

- Enhanced Patient Care
- Efficient Clinic Management
- Easy Retrieval of Patient Information
- Multi-doctor, Multi-clinic Appointment Handling
- Accessible anytime, anywhere, and securely from PC/Notebook or Tablet
- Very affordable: Php 799.00 monthly subscription


- Patient Registration/ Appointment / Scheduling: Fully graphical, simple and intuitive functions for new patient, appointment

- Patient Electronic Medical Record: Comprehensive patient data like Patient Membership (Insurance, HMO), Vital Signs, Complaints, Diagnosis, and Medications

- Laboratory Results: Physical Exam Results including Images (X-Ray)

- Billing: The user/doctor can prepare an invoice for patients.

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