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Korean Localization Pack for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

by BSE Consulting

BSE Consulting has developed its Korean Localization pack so that you can leverage all the power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV on the Korean market.

Korean Business Requirements:
Corporations doing business in Korea must comply with country-specific laws, regulations and common business practices to handle their daily business transactions and other needs for running their business operations.

BSE Consulting has developed those specific functionalities to meet Korean tax laws and regulations, and to be KFRS compliant. (Korean Financial Reporting Standards)

Korean Language Requirements:
Your human resources native language is Korean, so working with a Korean User Interface is an important need to them. It will increase end-user adoption of your ERP Solution and boost their productivity on a daily basis.

Our Solution supports both languages, and is able to display both Korean and English at the same time.

e-tax Module:
To comply with Korean tax regulations, corporations doing business in Korea have to send electronically their VAT invoice to the Government on a monthly basis. This is called e-Tax (electronic tax). This is usually a tedious task, because you have to fill a specific government form and save it with a special format (compatible with Government server)

The e-Tax module collects the VAT data automatically from your Dynamics NAV SQL Database.
Then it generates the appropriate form and sends it automatically.
Automatizing this process gives you 2 main benefits:
• It is time saving
• It reduce human errors

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