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Professional Advantage

1Staff Recruitment and Staffing Software Solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP

by Professional Advantage

From resumes and job orders to financial statements, 1Staff provides a staffing software solution that lets you integrate either the 1Staff Front Office or Back Office with your existing systems or use both for an end-to-end Microsoft Dynamics solution. You can minimize costs by leveraging existing technology investments to deliver keen business insights via familiar productivity tools and deliver relevant analytics to key team members.

- Controllers get full job costing, cash flow management and fully integrated financials.
- Billing Specialists can email invoices automatically, attach timesheet images to invoices, get unlimited invoice frequencies and formats.
- Payroll Administrators can use multiple methods of time entry, including: web entry U.S. and Canadian payroll modules or use our external employee self-service.
- Sales Professionals get advanced CRM functionality, marketing campaigns and relationship tracking and sales pipeline management.
- Recruiters can parse resumes, access a SharePoint document repository and use advanced search.

1Staff incorporates flexible business intelligence for margin and revenue reporting and analysis by: Office, Business Unit, Customer, Position, Salesperson or virtually any other field in the system or user defined field. It also offers extremely flexible reporting and analysis for clear business insight.

- Exact margin analysis as each timesheet can identify fees, actual payroll taxes, billings, discounts, burden rates and other accounts payable costs.
- Pre-built business intelligence includes: dashboards, Excel analysis, OLAP cubes and more.

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