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Apex, is an Italian company working in Modena and in Rome since 1999. Apex is mainly active in the fields of custom applications development and databases implementation. Apex’s staff is made up of engineers coming from very heterogeneous industrial experiences.

Apex is skilled at designing, developing and deploying software solutions in a wide range of industrial sectors, including mechanical manufacturers, logistics, on-line services.

Throughout the years Apex has built up a relevant experience in software development and consulting toward institutional bodies such as Universities and manufactures association.

Apex is also active in the fields of business process reengineering and informative integration. In the field of informative integration of information coming from heterogeneous sources, Apex holds a wide experience in facing semantic inconsistencies between data sources, shared ontologies definition, and in developing applications for both internal and external information exchange.

Apex is also a SAP Extended Business member partner and a Microsoft partner. Apex delivers solutionso for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM OnLine.

Apex is active in Europe, North America, Canada, China, India, Signapore and in the Asia-Pacific Region

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