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BI360 - Excel-based Business Intelligence Suite

by Olympic Software NZ Ltd

BI360 is a complete Excel-based Reporting, Planning, Dashboard and Data Warehouse suite designed for business users. Modules can be bought and used in a mix-&-match fashion, or as a fully integrated suite. It allows business users to take advantage of existing Excel skills. Prebuilt and preconfigured, BI360 takes less time to implement compared to other Business Intelligence suites.

BI360 Reporting…
Excel-based reporting solution
Includes out-of-the-box integration to major ERP, CRM.
Has easy drag & drop report design business users easily learn.
Includes advanced drill-down and ad-hoc reporting.
Covers both financial reporting (P&L) AND operational reporting (AR, AP).
Offers live reporting on main source (ERP, CRM) and across other applications through BI360 Data Warehouse.

BI360 Planning…
Is an Excel-based budgeting solution.
Integrated budget database for automatic consolidation and reporting throughout the budget process.
Expansive uses: budgeting, forecasting, modelling, strategic planning (e.g. input of scorecard targets)
Includes useful features such as spreading, comments, user security, and workflow.
Re-use same skills from ‘report design’ for ‘budget and model design’.

BI360 Data Warehouse…
Microsoft SQL Server-based.
Pre-configured data warehouse.
Enables time and cost efficient consolidation of data from multiple sources into 1 location.
Streamlines reporting, budgeting across multiple sources.
Includes business rules; currency conversion, elimination, consolidations, import/export/copy/delete of data sets, trees

BI360 Dashboards…
Web-based (Silverlight) dashboard to support easy information access.
Includes useful visual graphics; gauges, trend charts, etc.
Create custom or ad-hoc on the fly dashboards.
Include data from BI360 Data Warehouse, your ERP or CRM system, OLAP cubes and more.

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