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Mannasoft Technology Corporation

ClarusPHR (Personal Health Record) - Healthcare Solution

by Mannasoft Technology Corporation
Mannasoft Technology Corporation

Mannasoft Technology Corporation

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Mannasoft Technology Corporation. Established in June 1991 with a commitment to deliver innovative, powerful and first-rate products and services.

Mannasoft. An award-winning global developer and provider of intelligent IT Solutions offering a broad range of expertise in software development, mobile application, systems integration and collaboration as well as software and hardware sales.

Mannasoft. Preferred partner of leading software companies in the world such as — Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Adobe, Frontrange, and McAfee to name a few.

Mannasoft. At the forefront of software development. Constantly developing cost effective and reliable application to meet the client’s ever changing needs. Whether developing specialized applications from ground up or modifying existing programs or integrating systems, Mannasoft has the technical skills to design, develop, test and implement applications on a broad range of platforms.

Mannasoft. Committed to make a difference through its corporate citizenship and community involvement. Supporting institutions such as the Pangarap Foundation, Golden Acres, Christian Light Foundation, COSE, EPHPHETA, Habitat for Humanity, Boys’ Town, Concordia Children’s Services, Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation, Serra’s Center for Girls and the La Mesa Ecopark through donations, outreaches and employee volunteer programs.