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Business Mechanix Limited

Here at Business Mechanix, one of our core competencies is Cloud Knitting. Cloud Knitting is the ideal solution where our team integrate public clouds, private clouds and on-premise applications to form one seamless experience. We use Powershell, Windows Live, Single Sign-on, Window Azure, HTML5, Web Services, Java-Script and Amazon. Business Mechanix can assist you with country and data centre strategies, data sovereignty, and social media integration – we’re the experts and we can stitch it all together!

Pre-plan your move to the cloud with us or talk to us about evaluating your current cloud situation. Perhaps you are ready to move everything to the cloud or perhaps a hybrid model is more suitable for your situation. Whatever your circumstances are, we understand that each business is unique and we believe in the importance of evaluating your business situation and knitting a customised cloud solution that works for you. We want to help make sure that your cloud integration is paramount and that you have best and most effective Cloud Knitting possible.

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