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CRM Word-Interface

by Donaubauer AG

Create a finished Word document directly from CRM, this is the motto!
Receive simple and easy a ready quote via stored templates .

Your Benefits:

• Correspondence from the comfort of Microsoft CRM out
• usable for any, even custom entity
• Create your custom Word templates
• based on the rights concept of Dynamics CRM

A quick result:

After you have entered all the relevant data in the CRM, you get a button directly to the Word interface dialog.

Select your predefined templates from the template explorer.

You will get your finished document in Microsoft Office Word.

By the integrated upload functionality, you can easily attach the completed documents as a note or letter activity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or put it directly on the SharePoint.

The Word interface is available in two versions:

• CRM Word interface standard - an individual template for each entity
• Enterprise CRM Word interface - no template restriction

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