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Theta Systems Limited

CWR Mobility for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

by Theta Systems Limited

CWR Mobile CRM is the best-in-class mobility solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It makes field sales, service and marketing professionals more efficient and effective. It puts your teams closer to customers and keeps them there. With powerful features for users, unique benefits for IT and unparalleled value for management, it’s the only mobile solution that truly meets the needs of today’s customer-agile company.

Productivity for mobile professionals ... every time, everywhere, every device
With the power of Microsoft Dynamics in the palms of their hands, your mobile professionals can be productive on their own devices and on their own terms

Works the way users want it to work
Delivers the familiar look and feel of Dynamics CRM as a native user experience on every device

Rapidly deployed, easily managed, adaptive and cost-effective
In the cloud or on-premise, seamlessly integrates an enterprise-class mobile CRM infrastructure into your Dynamics CRM installation

Theta is a CWR partner in New Zealand. We can help you implement CWR Mobile CRM as a mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - whether you use Windows Phone, iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry or Android.

Our CWR Mobile CRM implementation for Holdfast was part of our ERP solution for Holdfast, winner of the Dynamics ERP Solution of the Year Award at the 2011 Microsoft New Zealand Partner Awards.

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