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UXC Eclipse

DAXEAM: Enterprise Asset Management for Dynamics AX

by UXC Eclipse

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Daxeam 2012 provides Enterprise asset management (EAM) functionality for customers in asset intensive industries, such as Manufacturing, Aviation, Facilities Management, Mining, Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, Industrial Services, Defence, Construction and Fleets.

Daxeam integrates maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) processes with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 solution, providing:
• Single source of records for customers, vendors, inventory, assets and more
• One unified environment between EAM functionality and Microsoft back office for security, workflow and reporting
• A familiar end-user interface, enabling true EAM

By implementing Daxeam, your business could benefit from the following features and functionality:
• Asset register and structure management
• Graphical asset hierarchies supporting multiple sites and facilities
• Forecasting planned work for defined planning horizons
• Managing unplanned work orders created from recorded observations
• Work planning and scheduling
• Registration of time and materials
• Recording meter readings
• Reporting forecasted and actual costs
• Warranty and permit management

Daxeam can assist your business and extend your existing Microsoft Dynamics AX solution by:
• Eliminating multiple sources of data and reconciliation risks between Finance, Supply Chain and EAM
• Achieving maintenance KPI’s through the optimum use of labour, materials and equipment while considering lead times and scheduled shut downs
• Increasing accuracy and timeliness of maintenance forecasting, planning and scheduling

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics, Daxeam supports your EAM processes so you can get back to running your business in a safe and efficient manner.

To learn how Daxeam is the best EAM solution for existing Microsoft Dynamics AX users - visit the Daxeam website today!

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